about us

We are Stephanie, Megan, and Fisher. We live in the Pacific NW and absolutely love it here!  We love it for the natural diversity, inspiring people and the opportunities for adventure. 

We feel strongly about our community and hope to encourage others to focus on togetherness.  We believe that our differences are what strengthen us and we want to inspire unity, spread the love, honor and respect what those differences bring to our community. 

Our logo was designed as a unique barcode, in diverse rainbow colors to represent that unity. The barcode, if scanned, actually spells the word TOGETHER – each color representing the corresponding letters. Fun fact: the term "band of color" is another name for rainbow in the urban dictionary.  

As a part of our ongoing mission to be a part of, and give back to our community, a portion of the proceeds from each order will help fund some of the causes we care deeply about; human & civil rights, gender equality, community development, and health services to the people who need it most. The charity we are supporting is Looking Out Foundation. To learn more, please visit www.lookingoutfoundation.org.

Together we really are stronger! Let's band together and lift each other up!

Peace and love,

Stephanie, Megan, and Fisher